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Perth Stone Walls and Stone Veneer

Increasingly, Perth stone veneers are created using CraftStone. Our product is also used in external applications as stone cladding but there has been a push for the stone veneer to be fitted in houses and businesses as an eye-catching stone feature wall. CraftstoneOz have supplied a number of high profile companies with CraftStone such as international franchises like Subway and Nandos, as well as many homes across Australia. It’s lightweight nature and ease of installation makes it an ideal feature for interior design, as there is no need for structural support that is associated with real stone products, reducing costs and construction time.

Manufactured stone is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to most environments, with minimal limitations. Possible internal uses include pillars, wall features, fireplaces, chimneys and kitchens.

CraftStone has been used around fireplaces and chimneys as it is not vulnerable to heat, also adding aesthetic appeal. Now the standard for new construction, CraftStone is also the ultimate choice for renovations, such as old fireplaces as it can easily be applied to old brickwork. With numerous profiles and colours, there is an option to suite any style or request. The unique corner system allows almost any situation to be clad with CraftStone and remove untidy joins.

Traditional stone requires extremely long labour and special expertise to install, which comes at an outrageous cost, sometimes more than the actual stone itself. CraftStone is designed to be placed on a wall and can even be fitted by a willing DIY enthusiast. With a 25 year warranty, CraftStone is a premium, rugged product that you can rely on.

CraftstoneOz distribute their product nationwide throughout Australia. Make an enquiry to the experienced team at CraftStone to find out how you can use CraftStone to create a Perth Stone Wall. CraftstoneOz offers numerous accessories to compliment our Stone Veneer range, thus enabling you to build a better stone feature wall. To view them, visit

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